Barrels and Bearcats: The Gauntlet 2

So Far So Good…

Moody Silenced. Sunday’s game got ugly. Not what anyone was expecting going into the game really but SMU was outmanned and after the first 5 minutes that became pretty evident. The Bearcats didn’t make it easy on themselves early on. They started off 0-7 and for a minute you thought this might be a tight one. Finally the Bearcats caught on to the 2-3 zone that SMU refused to fall out of throughout most of the game. The zone left the high post open all night. It was a bold move really. Tim Jankovich dared Gary Clark and Kyle Washington to beat them in the high post. They finished with 11 and 17 points, respectively. Needless to say if you give those two the high post you’re going to lose. The Bearcats finished with 38 points in the paint. Why would you not switch up the zone? Go to a 3-2 or 1-3-1, do something. The Mustangs shot 26% for the game.

Washington. Now I was hard on Kyle in the first half of the season. If he wasn’t in foul trouble he couldn’t make a shot to save his life and was ghosting most of his time on the court. Man has he came roaring back in the second half this season. Sunday he finished with 17 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists. That’s just the latest installment of his Senior year farewell tour. He’s making them count now.

Bush. Speaking of Presidents George W. Bush was in the house to watch his favorite team, I can only assume it’s the Bearcats, dominate again.

Top 5 Dead or Alive. The Cincinnati Bearcats are now ranked #5 in the country. Let that sink in for a moment. #5. That’s intense. For playing in the American Athletic Conference that seems pretty good. Someone tell UConn fans it’s possible. In addition to the top 5 ranking Cronin now has his longest winning streak of his career and off to the best league start in his tenure here as well.

2 Seed. In the only look into the thought process of the selection committee this past Sunday it was annouced that if the tournament started that day the Bearcats would be a 2 seed playing in Atlanta. It should be noted that the Bearcats were the 6 seed overall but were switched with Kansas to even out the bracket. They were projected in the same region as Virignia (1) Michigan State (3) and Tenessee (4). I’m all for that.

The Gauntlet 2 Continues… The Bearcats took care of the Mustangs and next up is The Man Bun and the Houston Cougars in Houston on Thursday. The Cougars are renovating their stadium as well so the game will take place at Texas Southern, a close neighbor. The last game was lit. Probably the most entertaining game of the season. The Bearcats decided to give Houston an 18 point first half lead and see if they could come back and win. Thankfully, the Bearcats are that good this year. Jacob Evans III pulled out his entire game for this one, including a buzzer beater over Man Bun to end the half and cut the Houston lead to 3.

This one isn’t going to be easy and to hold onto this top 5 ranking we just have to keep winning.

Football. Today, around 11am the AAC will annouce the in conference football schedule. Should be an exciting announcemnt and I’m anxious to see the home slate. Need something to get you amped up for football?

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