Beer of the Game

For each game we highlight one beer from around Cincinnati. This piece is on hiatus until Sept 1st when the football Bearcats return to action.

Project Beer

Cincinnati's craft beer is ever growing. It seems like a new neighborhood brewery is popping up all the time. As we make it around to each of them we'll do a review and recap of the experience. Anything in the Greater Cincinnati Area is game. Anything in the state really. We're always looking for new beer to try.

This isn't a beer blog but certainly one who isn't afraid to talk about it! Like blogs on the Bearcats there's more than one to choose from, we're just the ones trying to do both.

News and Highlights

June 23rd: Rhinegeist's 5th anniversary celebration. No tickets required and they're sure to have some new releases on site.

More info HERE

July 7th: 50 West Brewing Punch Out: Round 3. In quite possibly the most unique beer event in the country this event pits brewery on brewery boxing match ups and tickets are still avaliable

Tickets and more info HERE

It looks like the best thing ever! 

July 21st: The Basketball Tournament at Capital University. Watch recent UC basketball alum play in the first round of TBT, winner takes home $2 million. Not really a beer event but we will be exploring a columbus brewery or two while we're there.

Tickets and more info HERE