Hang 22 in the (New) Shoe

Steve Logan Earned It

The issue of the Cincinnati Bearcats having the bar set way too high to retire a basketball player’s number has reemerged in the past couple of days on twitter. I’ve heard a lot of debate about this topic the last couple of years and have heard both good and bad ideas surrounding the subject. I jumped at the opportunity to ask UC Athletic Director Mike Bohn about it a while back at an alumni dinner before a game. He said something like “it’s an issue that we’re kicking around some ideas on…why who do you think should have their number retired?” Now of course I was asking him that question because I had a specific player in mind who I thought should have his number retired but I was a little surprised that Bohn shot that right back to me. I said back to him ” #22 for the great Steve Logan.”

Not having 22 hanging in the rafters is a huge mystery to me. Now if you don’t remember Logan or not old enough to have witnessed him play let me fill you in. Logan was the epitome of a Bearcat. A hard-nosed, scoring guard that could lock a player down or break their ankle as soon as look at him. One former player that I met at a book signing called Logan “pound for pound best player we’ve had at Cincinnati.” That’s pretty high regard considering the former player who said it was part of the ’92 team and spent a considerable amount of time in the NBA. Logan is also already an inductee to the University of Cincinnati Athletic Hall of Fame.

Let’s look at the numbers.

He won the Conference-USA Player of the year twice! His senior year he averaged 22pts, shot 87% from the line, and almost 6 assists. Those are conference leading numbers for Logan who the roster had listed at 6′ and 200 lbs. and if you look at him in the highlights below, 6′ was probably a little generous.

The guy was a winner. He was a sophomore the year K-Mart broke his leg but picked up right where he had left off. His senior year the Bearcats went 31-4 and 14-2 in C-USA and lead the team that had Final Four written all over it. They were a 1 seed in the tournament that year and all looked great until UCLA knocked them out (sounds recently familiar).

Logan was drafted #1 in the second round to the Warriors but never played a game. I’d love to hear what happened with that but now Logan runs a youth basketball program in Cleveland and if I’m not mistaken has a son in high school who would look awfully good in red and black if he measures up to what his dad did.

I don’t have an a good answer to Cincinnati’s number retirement problem. Some have suggested a two tier system somewhat like North Carolina has which is fine as long as we #hang22intheshoe.

The Bearcats Throttle SMU at Home

The Streak Lives!

In what was sure to be a hard fought, heart attack having finish for the Bearcats last night’s game was any but. The Bearcats dominated SMU almost from start to finish. The Bearcats, now 3-0 in the American, showed why they were picked to finish first in the league last night. Even when SMU showed signs of life late in the second half the Bearcats never lost their cool.

Some things we saw last night:

  • The offense was struggling at the start finally it picked up about half way through the first half.
  • Cane Broome saw action last night after sitting out the past 2 games with an ankle sprain.
    • He was limited though, he finished the game with 3 pts, 1 assist, 2 steals, and 3 turnovers in 12 minutes.
  • Teddy (Jarron Cumberland) struggled from the floor. He tried to shoot his way out of it but it didn’t look good at any point in the night. He finished with 14 points somehow and at least 1 charge. His pull up jumper is still MIA.
  • The Bearcats shot 28% in the first half and 58% in the second
  • Only 11 turnovers for the game. Huge improvement over the Temple game.
  • Shake Milton had a VERY quite 14 points last night. He only put up 5 shots in the first half.
  • Jacob Evans III has Cronin’s confidence. Down the stretch the ball was in his hands.
  • Gary Clark. Problem? Yes. The guy plays grown man basketball. He finished with 18 and 8.
  • I said the Bearcats would score 77. They finished with 76 beating SMU by 20.





Dan Hoard is a living legend when it comes to radio calls here are the highlights as called by him:

And we can’t forget the #Beerofthegame

If SMU is supposed to be a top 4 team in the American the gap between 1 and 2 to 3 and 4 is huge.

SMU @ UC: A Preview

Get your popcorn ready because tomorrow night at 6pm on ESPN2 it’s the Bearcats hosting SMU in their first meeting since the  American Athletic Conference Tournament Championship game. I actually forgot that game happened mainly because I drank it out of my memory. SMU dominated the Bearcats in a thrashing with a final of 71-56.(They split the regular season match ups.) That was last year though and this year’s version of the Bearcats can respond.

The Mustangs 

Pretty much all you need to know about the Mustangs is Shake Milton. Yeah he’s still around. The Mustangs do have FIVE other players averaging double digits in scoring as well so they have no shortage of threats. Milton has the experience, the numbers, and the ability to do the most damage though. He put up 24 in a losing effort to Tulane the other night. Keep an eye on 6-9 freshmen #5 Ethan Chargois too. He’s averaging almost 13, 6, and 2.

The Bearcats

We know our Bearcats squad by now. Feed Gary and let Jacob shoot it, press, and rebound. Mick keeps things pretty simple. Kyle Washington had a stand out performance against Temple while battling some foul trouble. If we could get him consistent each night this season would be a lot less stressful. Also Teddy (Jarron Cumberland) has to find his stroke. (0-6 against Temple) Listening to Dan Hoard (@Dan_Hoard) and Terry Nelson (@tnel33) on the radio broadcast it sounds like Terry coaches Teddy up when he’s at practice or around him, hopefully that pays off soon. We need him to knock down the open shots. (And for the love of God Teddy, pull up instead of bulldozing the defender for your 100th charge of the season)

The verdict is still out on Cane Broome too. He has sat out the last two games with an ankle sprain. Twitter really wanted him against Temple when the offense was struggling. I was right there with them, at times we felt like the ’09 Bearcats struggling to score. Broome sparks the offense with quick scores when we need it most. If I were Cronin he’d be in the starting lineup every game but with my opinion and $10 you can buy a six pack. Hopefully he is ready to against SMU but with Mick’s tendencies he’ll set out again with a week break in between this game and the next.

The Keys

  • Gary produces more than 2 points in a half
  • Teddy knocks down open shots
  • Post players show up on both ends of the floor
  • Keep Milton in check (15 points or less)
  • If all else fails give the ball to Jacob Evans III and let him win it

At the Buzzer…

The Bearcats will be victorious. You can’t beat the Cats at home, the steak will live to see 35. I think Gary and Kyle lead the way in this one. 77-65 Bearcats.